Friday, April 18, 2008

Two Shrines

These are two of the five shrines embedded in Cobb Mtn in the late eighties and nineties (with a tiny Shugendo goma in one photo). The purpose was to make an offering in order that the area would open up and accommodate peoples' various bodhisattva practices, so that they could they could have secluded places in which to concentrate their minds, peer into the vast Dharma treasury, and bring happiness to all beings.
Most recently, Goenka's meditation group is in escrow on the former Sunrise Lodge Resort, and Lama Kunga's Sakya-pa organization is in escrow on a beautiful secluded spot near Upper Lake. Also, in June at Cobb Zen-ji, 101-year old Sasaki Roshi will lead a 2-week sesshin.

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Al said...

Lama Kunga is getting the land up there? That's great to hear. I wish more organizations made retreat places out there.

Personally, I've been looking to find an affordable few acres (up to ten but four or more would do) in the area in order to make a retreat/get away place for my wife and me. Unfortunately, land is very expensive and it seems like there are few opportunities. I just want a place where I can build a cabin and a shrine. I'm glad that you've done all of the work there over the last few years.