Saturday, March 1, 2008


The Sakya Center in Seattle in 1977. The Pacioretti (biological) sisters are in front. Otherwise, from the right: Khadiravani, Nairatma, Marici (my wife at the time, in the first of our 13 years of wedlock), Variya, a friend of Variya's, Dr Ajari, and Mandarava. Mandarava and Nairatma are the remaining Sisters of the Order, now residing in L.A. Dagchen Rinpoche is in the center of the photo, and directly behind is Jayananda in goatee and glasses. The remaining folks are disciples and relatives of Dagchen.


Al said...

Hello, V.K.,

This is Al who visited who before the snows came in November (from Oakland).

Thank you for sharing this. I originally took refuge at the Sakya Monastery in Seattle with H.H. Jigdal Dagchen Sakya. It is good to see a picture of him from when he was much younger.

Anonymous said...

Thank You!
I actually gasped when I saw this photo Dr. Ajari. Looking just the way I'll always remember him.
Love, Ladybear