Wednesday, May 1, 2013

With Ichishima Shoshin

On the left is Ichishima Shoshin, the great Tendai Scholar/priest, emeritus professor at Taisho University, reader and speaker (along with English) of Tibetan and the Gupta-era Sanskrit script known as Shiddam.  I stayed at his sub-temple Tamon-in alone for two weeks, while he would drive a half-hour from his main temple of Senzo-ji and spend 2-3 hours each day on my proposed English version of the manual  for the fire-offering ceremony called 'goma'.  Behind us in the photo is a very beautiful Amitabha statue which was restored after being severely damaged in the earthquake of 2011.

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Yoren said...

How wonderful that you are doing a translation of the Goma! I wish you good days and a fruitfull work process. May all beings prosper from it.