Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Verse called "The World's Highest Peak"

The analogy is sometimes made between the "world's highest peak" and the Buddha, as in the following 792AD rock inscription at the entrance to Java's Abhayagiri monastery, then a thriving center of Mahayana practice.  To paraphrase the translation by the scholar Lokesh Chandra:

"I pay homage to the Perfectly Enlightened One, of vigorous qualities and endowed with the awe-inspiring power of knowledge, ANALOGOUS TO THE WORLD'S HIGHEST PEAK whose deep caves are profound wisdom, whose rocks are lofty tradition, whose realm of shiny metal brilliance is the Good Dharma, whose cascades are Love, whose forests are meditation, whose glens are few desires, and who is not shaken by the violent tempest of the eight ways of the world."

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