Monday, November 26, 2007


One of Shakyamuni Buddha's disciples, Aniruddha, when new to the Dharma was meditating in seclusion, and he received the following vision:

The Dharma is for one of few wants, not for one of many wants;
for the energetic, not for the lazy;
for those who enjoy seclusion, not for those who like crowds;
for the contented, not for the discontented;
for those with concentrated minds, not for those with scattered minds;
for the wise, not for the foolish;
for those who can recollect, not for the forgetful.

Then in the vision, Shakyamuni suddenly appeared before him and praised him:

Good, good, Aniruddha! But you can add an eighth thought:
The Dharma is for those who delight in the unworldly,
not those who delight in the worldly.

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