Thursday, April 24, 2014

Goma Prayer Sticks

This photo is of DAI AJARI UEHARA GYOSHO's goma in Japan and shows the prayers written in Chinese characters, but here people will write them in English. The prayer sticks are written by the people attending the ceremony, and then entered into the fire offering (GOMA) by the officiating priest. While the priest is praying for the benefit of all beings, for extinguishing the causes of suffering, for identification with FUDO MYO-O, and for the vision of MAHAVAIROCANA BUDDHA, the people are usually praying for their needs in daily life. People in their 20's often pray for "Heart's Wish be Realized"; those in their 30's for "Family Safety"; those in their 40's for "Business Prosperity"; those in their 50's for "Husband-Wife Satisfaction"; and those 60 and older for "Relief from Health Problems".

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