Tuesday, September 10, 2013

When Some Great Priests Visited

These are the Tendai priests from Japan and the U.S. who did the dedication of the HOSHU-IN goma-do at the monastery. Front row, left-to-right are: Tendai Assembly Chairman Ven. Kayaki Kansho-sama; Keisho; Ven. Uehara Gyosho-sama, the 'Marathon Monk' veteran who performed the initial fire offering; and former Tendai Chancellor Ven.Nishioka-sama. In the 2nd row from the left: Ven. Sono-sama, representing the connection between Mt Hiei's Enryaku-ji head temple and all Tendai units outside of Japan; Ven. Shibayama Hokai, the great artist and calligrapher; Ven. Prof. Ichishima Shoshin-sama, one of the top scholars in Tendai; and two other Tendai scholars. In the back row: standing tallest near the center is Ven. Monshin Paul Naamon, leader of the Tendai Buddhist Institute, as well as being administrative chief of the Tendai Sect in North America and Europe; and on the right is Ven. Douken Unkai, the president of this monastery.

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