Sunday, September 23, 2012

Places for Mantra Practice

In 7th Century India, where the Mahavairocana Sutra was written, such places for practice as quoted below were far easier located and occupied than nowadays.  Nevertheless. . . .

"Having received permission from the teacher, the  wise person
          should base himself in a place of suitable topography: 
A fine mountain, a secondary peak, a ravine, various grottoes,
          between two mountains, 
Wherever tranquility can be had at all times,
          a pond completely adorned with lotuses and blue lotuses,
Large rivers, flowing streams, sandbars, and riverbanks,
          far removed from the tumult and clamor of people;
Where there are trees pleasing to the mind with luxuriant foliage
          and an abundance of lactaceous trees and auspicious grasses,
Where there are no mosquitoes or gadflies, no suffering from cold
     or heat,
          and no molestation by wicked beasts or poisonous insects,
Or where the Tathagata and his saintly disciples once in former
          times roamed and dwelled,
And temples, stupas, aranyas, and chambers of seers of yore ---
          he should base himself in a place in which his heart and
              mind rejoice.
He renounces the life of a householder, cutting off social 
          obligations and strives to avoid the hindrances and
              entanglements caused by the five desires;
Intently and profoundly rejoicing in the taste of the Dharma,
          he nurtures his mind to seek siddhi." 

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