Saturday, November 27, 2010


Do you identify with this iconic image
of the joy of diving into your pool of treasures?
Yet rather than the wealth of coins or gold
or the other pleasures of the world
you can discover the inexhaustible treasure trove
of the Buddha-mind possessed by every person.
Calmly and quietly concentrate within, in the center of the chest
and visualize a pure clear raindrop-like gem
called a CINTAMANI.
You can dive deep within and find all the treasures of the Dharma
and all the solutions to each and every problem
and be blessed with the happiness of liberation and freedom.
Every person who concentrates his mind and looks within
will discover unending realizations of the Dharma
as described in the Lotus Sutra:
All the teachings of the Tathagata
All the transcendent powers of the Tathagata
All the treasure houses of the hidden essence of the Tathagata
All the profound aspects of the Tathagata

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tinythinker said...

Apparently I am pretty bad at the looking within practice. It is recommended by the mystical/contemplative traditions within all religions, but I never seem to be able to discover anything other than my own impatience, boredom, or frustration, whether I was practicing with Chan monks or attempting Centering Prayer per Christian mystics. I think many are lost to impatience and a need to see some kind of noticeable result or benefit in order to commit to a consistent practice. There is little faith.