Thursday, September 17, 2009


In September? Yes, now is the beginning of the spiritual year. Not on a particular date, though today is the new moon, but rather when Summer is over, when the first light rain has fallen, when maples are changing colors and acorns are dropping to the ground, the deer hunters put away their 30-30s for another year (after Sept 20 in Lake County), near the Autumnal Equinox when sunrise and sunset are moving South on the horizon at their fastest rate.

By the end of Summer inspiration and spiritual energy are running on empty, prayer life is getting frayed and frazzled, yet we made it through another year without giving up the great adventure, without turning aside from the bodhisattva path or violating the Buddha's ethics. So there is hope at the dawn of a new year. A renewed effort to shout, "Wake up! Abandon greed-hatred-delusion! Fire up your energy and make the happiness of others your goal!"

Now at the start of Autumn recall and reflect on the previous four seasons. And consider, what can we undertake in the next four? What bad habits can I relinquish? What beneficial activities can I begin?

Prepare the fire. Make it burn brightly. Exude warmth and light.

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Ann Miller said...

Greetings Keisho!

Just happened to click on your blog. Funny we surfaced at the same time, as fall begins and we turn over a new leaf (or keep turning the same one). I appreciate your good thoughts, prayers, and constancy as we press on. It's so nice to see your garden path, stones and succulents!