Saturday, February 16, 2008


Myo-an, Ann Miller is a professional calligrapher, and a member of the Nichiren-Shu of America, where her husband Nichiran, Lance, has served as a high officer of the church corporation.
KAN is the Sanskrit letter for Fudo Myo-o ("HAM" plus diacritical marks in Sanskrit), written in the Gupta Dynasty script, the predecessor of the modern Devanagiri script, which was transmitted to Japan in the 9th c. Since Sanskrit has 16,550 different letters, each with a unique pronunciation, every Buddhist diety can be assigned its own letter, with plenty of letters left over to assign to attributes, implements, actions, etc.
If a practitioner has recited millions of mantras, read all the Fudo sutras many times, imagined, visualized and drawn the image thousands of times, then meditating on this KAN becomes shorthand for that entire experience. The sound KAN is not unique, however, due to the nature of the Japanese language, but the written letter is unique.

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