Sunday, December 30, 2007


7000ft Snow Mtn in the distant right is the highest point in Lake County. A ridge of Cobb Mtn is the highest in Sonoma County. In the center are Mt Konocti and Mt Hannah, which along with Cobb, Sieglers, Boggs and some smaller knobs make up "the Clear Lake Volcanics" actively erupting 10-17,000 years ago according to geologists. In geological time, 10-17,000 years is like yesterday. There were natives living here at that time. Clear Lake (which is barely visible to the left and right of Konocti) is said to be the oldest lake in North America. But its configuration was changed when a massive landslide during the time of the volcanics blocked the outlet creek which emptied into the Russian River to the west. Clear Lake then filled up until it found a new outlet in Cache Creek which runs east into the Sacramento River. From an airplane flying over, the most prominent mountain is Konocti, jutting out into Clear Lake and rising 3000ft above. Cobb, though 500ft higher than Konocti, is less prominent since it rises only 1000ft out of the Mayacamas Range. However, this 1000ft of grey volcanic ash serves like a sand filter for the snow and rainwater, creating pure and delicious drinking water which various companies bottle and sell.

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